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in preparation (selection):

Happiness (Szczęście(co-writer: Marta Minorowicz)


script grant and development grant from Polish Film Institute

producer: Izabela Kiszka-Hoflik, IHK Film Productions


a story about a (Ukrainian) mother and grandmother who is trying to save her children and grandchildren from war

Fade out (co-writer: Eliza Borkowska)


script grant from Script Agency, development grant from Polish Film Institute

producer: Centrala


a romance of a man who is losing eyesight

produced films:



Illusion (Iluzja) (2022) dir. Marta Minorowicz  (co-writer: Marta Minorowicz)


A mother is looking for her lost daughter.


Cold War (Zimna wojna) (2018) dir. Paweł Pawlikowski

(screenplay: Paweł Pawlikowski, Janusz Głowacki)

A loving musical variation on Paweł Palikowski’s parents set against the backdrop of Cold War and in the shadow of World War II.

Apart from many international awards for the best film, the Palme d'Or in Cannes for Paweł Pawlikowski as the best director, three Oscar nominations (best non-English speaking film, best direction, best cinematography) also the screenplay for Cold War was distinguished, for example with a nomination to BAFTA, and with Polish Film Award (Eagle); Paweł Pawlikowski also took the European Award for the Best Screenwriter for this script.


Fear of Falling (Lęk wysokości) (2011) dir. Bartek Konopka 

(co-writer: Bartek Konopka)

Elements of real-life relationship of Bartosz with his father are transformed here into an attempt to show a relationship with a mentally unstable parent as a troubled and uncomfortable, but also very human experience.

A homage to those who failed to adapt to the capitalist Polish reality after 1989.


pobrane (4).jpg

My name is Julita (Nazywam się Julita) (2017) dir. Filip Dzierżawski

(co-writer: Filip Dzierżawski)

The main character’s mother is locked up in prison for murder and also mentally she cannot escape her dramatic past. Her daughter believes it is possible to move on. She makes one more desperate attempt to pull her mother out of her abyss.

A film produced in ‘30 minutes’ programme by Studio Munka.   


The Ditch (Dół) (2015) dir. Leszek Molski 

(co-writer: Leszek Molski)

This screenplay was originally written as a premonition of the 2007 economic crisis. The capitalist lifestyle of a corporate sales manager crumbles in an instant and is temporarily replaced by a lonely desert-island-like existence.

A film produced in ‘30 minutes’ programme by Studio Munka.