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Płacz and młodością, co odchodzi/ Mourning the Fading Youth

(an authobiographical lament, music and lyrics Karolina Cicha)

Mourning the Fading Youth


My world is nearing that tell-tale day,

The so-called “mid-life” - the time of wisdom.

Yet one thing adds a melancholy tinge to this lay:

As wisdom grows, youth fades and flies away.


My cheeks are not as firm as they were,

The eyes are not that bright anymore,

I spot a white hair here and there,

And the body has less shape than before…


Tricks of my own against age have I found,

My epoch comes up with more remedies:

Beauticians, hyaluronan, plastic surgeries: all these

Appeal to youth, but youth is not all around.


And even if I kept my diets conscientiously,

Practiced fitness, forced the will to work out daily,

Even if, from today, all bad habits I dropped,

Relentless time will not be stopped.


The only comfort against this tribulation

Is that the same affects the whole generation,

Tired, fading, contemporaries in misery,

We fight together, yet separately.


Once the game is over, the body defeated,

The race completed,

Then the soul may start the DANCE!

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