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Towards Bach (W stronę Bacha) (2021) Anagram

a poetic meta-essay about J.S. Bach

This text was conceived and written when I worked on a film project devoted to J.S. Bach. On the one hand, it is a collection of aphorisms, remarks and poems which concern the possible character of J.S. Bach, his music and his times. On the other hand, it is a poetic meta-story which presents an attempt to imagine or give life to the figure of the Great Composer. 

in preparation:


Perception (Patrzenie) Speakers' Avenue


a story/essay about perception

Both a story and an essay concerning various aspects of perception, it is a self-reflective attempt to rethink the basis of what we can see, starting from the forms of the outside world, such as time, space and movement, and ending with personal and subjective realms, such as memories and visions.

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